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Forensic genealogy has emerged as a powerful tool for solving cold cases by identifying John and Jane Does or perpetrators. While media coverage has drawn attention to the ability of the technique for clearing cases sometimes decades old, there is still a lack of understanding within the forensic community on how that has been accomplished. While agencies are increasingly drawing on genetic genealogists for assistance, they must educate themselves on genetic genealogy practices to develop realistic expectations of what the techniques can and can’t accomplish, what pitfalls may arise, and the nature of a successful identification. Law enforcement must also understand how common genetic genealogy practices might differ from those of the forensic community, and how they must be adapted to achieve a successful collaboration between the two communities.

This course will provide law enforcement with knowledge and understanding of how to apply genetic genealogy to cold case identifications, whether an agency wishes to work on its own or in collaboration with genetic genealogists.

Please review the options below. To enroll, you must first set up an account. Your account will be validated for agency affiliation before enrollment. If you are a genealogist and would like to take this training, you must be working with and under the supervision of a law enforcement agency or department.

Fully Online Training Course

Three week online training course that includes simulated cases studies. Access to the online instructor is via an internal messaging system.

_$300 USD. Instant access upon account validation. Set up an account here and then email for account validation.

Blended Online and In Person Training

Includes a one-day on-site workshop with access to an instructional module that each attendee must complete prior to workshop.​

$1500 plus $100 per student fee for instructional module. Agency must cover travel expenses. Scheduled per department upon request. Please email to inquire. about scheduling and group rates.

Consultation With Instructor

If you have taken the course, are taking the course, or have an autosomal kit for forensic genealogy research and would benefit from some guidance, you may schedule a consultation with our online instructor, Anthony Redgrave. Sessions are carried out via a screen share web chat. Please email us to schedule your consult and receive instructions on how to join the chat.

$40 per hour of consultation

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Participant reviews

"I have worked for a Law Enforcement agency for 14 years. I saw the Forensic Genealogy Course was being offered, I jumped right on it. The Sheriff finds this form of investigation very interesting. This class gave me the tools to develop better research practices, and to help someone get their name back. The instructor is available at all times. Answers within minutes. He is polite, informative, and very patient. This class is challenging. DNA and Forensic Genealogy are the wave of the future. I would recommend this course for any law enforcement agency." - C.T, Missouri

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